Date ClientCountryDescription
2011HighVoltGermanyDC Cable Competences, HV Testing
2011KinetricsCanadaDC Cable Competences, Market Analysis - HV Testing
2012 - 2016Vattenfall UKUnited KingdomOffshore Wind - Thanet, Technical Analysis
2012 - 2013WindMWGermanyOffshore Wind - MeerWind, Inspector Service, Technical Analysis
2012 - 2013EnerginetDenmarkSub Interconnetcor - Lille Belt 420 kV, Inspector Services, Technical Analysis
2014Vattenfall SESwedenEHV Offshore Wind - Technical Consulting
2011 - 2016NexansNorwayOil & Gas, Lead Engineer - Åsgard, HVDC Development, DEH Development
2014 - 2016TKFNetherlands MV Submarine Cables - Technical Consulting (On demand)
2015 - 2016NOVDenmarkOil & Gas - Tecnical Services, Modelling and Development
2012 - 2022EllevioSwedenHV and EHV Cable Rating Calculations and Modelling (On demand)
2014 - 2021MailleferFinlandHV and EHV Cable Technologies - Technical Consulting
2016Lower Churchill ProjectCanadaTechnical analysis - MI cable
2016EnerginetDenmarkViking Cable 525 kV DC - Risk Assessment and Review of Spec
2016 - ongoingNexansNorwayDevelopment of Web Calculation Tools for Subsea Cables. Malvacom is used as subconsultant for coding.
2017 - 2018NKTGermany Technical Investigation and Analysis.
2020 - ongoingOX2/WSPSwedenTechnical consulting for offshore windfarms. Magnetic field and rating calculations.
2021 - 2022SvK/WSPSwedenRating calöculations of Hansa PowerBridge HVDC cables
2020 - 2023Hydro TasmaniaAustraliaFEM calculations for Basslink HVDC cables
2022BorealisSwedenAnalysis of cable manufacturing issues.
2023Baltic offshoreSwedenAnalysis of FOC testing issues.

Training Courses

2012BorealisSwedenCable Accessories
2012Shanghai Cable WorksChinaHVDC Cable Design (Seminar)
2013AlstomUnited KingdomCable Rating, Overload Rating, Short-Circuit Rating
2014Maileffer/BourogeChinaSubmarine Cable Design (Seminar)
2016AriNetPolandLand Cable Installation
2012 - ongoingNexansNorwayCable Rating, Overload and Short-Circuit Rating, HVDC Design, Maxwell's Equations and Induced Voltages
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